Jarrod, 23

HerMANual ask guys what they think2What do you first look for in a girl?
Pretty eyes. I also like a girl who looks athletic. I’m very active, so it’s important to me to date an active girl; we can do more things together.

What do you think is the least attractive quality in a girl?
I don’t like it when girls act dumb. It’s really not cute.

If you really like a girl, how do you show her you like her?
It depends on the situation. A lot of times I’ll just strike up a conversation to try to get to know her. Then I’ll ask her out on a date.

What are some signs that a guy is not interested in a girl?
If he doesn’t call back, if he doesn’t talk to you or if he doesn’t text you. Those are probably good signs.

What do you think of a girl who hooks up with you after the first date?
I’m much less likely to think of her as girlfriend material but I don’t completely rule her out.

If you’re taking a girl you like out to dinner, what would you want her to wear?
I like form-fitting dresses that show off her body.

Who do you think should pay for the first date?
The guy, hands down. I don’t expect for her to offer, either.

Do guys flirt with their girlfriend’s friends?
Yes, but it’s not flirting with a bad motive. You flirt just because they’re attractive, and guys like to talk to attractive girls. Were not trying to hook up. Plus, there’s a mutual understanding that I’m dating their friend.

At what age do you think you’ll get married? Why?
It’s hard to pick an age. I would like to wait until I’m financially stable. I’m not in a hurry. I would like to have a sense of security before I get into that.

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