Secrets to Building Self-Confidence: Take Time for You

Take Time for YouFeeling good about yourself can be hard if you never stop to breathe and get some time just for you. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and overstressed, your perspective on life can be negatively affected, and the way you see yourself will suffer. But when you are willing to drop the daily pressures and worries even for a few minutes a day, you make it that much easier to enjoy yourself and do the things that make you feel happy.

Taking time for yourself doesn’t mean you have to do things on your own — for some women, being around others makes them feel most at ease. Go out to lunch with friends, take a weekend off with that special man in your life or take a group fitness class. Getting out of the house and being social rather than hiding away with your work gives you the opportunity to feel energetic.

Or, if you would prefer to stay in, treat yourself to a soothing activity you enjoy. Give yourself a pedicure or curl up with a great book to indulge your interests and relax your mind.

The idea is to do what makes you feel good about yourself. Pursuing hobbies and social relationships of any kind allows you to play to your strengths, highlighting for yourself what it is that makes you so fabulous. Make a point of expressing and nurturing your talents. Explore places and activities you’ve always been interested in but maybe too uncertain to try. Take an art class for fun even if you think you won’t be very good at it. Allowing yourself to take chances for the sake of fulfilling your own wishes builds self-confidence through independence and self-fulfillment.

Every woman deserves time for herself to do the things she loves most with the people in her life. Finding that time every day will bring you one step closer to seeing yourself clearly and confidently.

By: Katie Campbell

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