Secrets to Building Self-Confidence: Say It Like You Mean It

Secrets to Building Self-Confidence: Say It Like You Mean ItTake a good look in the mirror. Don’t scrutinize every supposed flaw. Don’t analyze every curve. Don’t let negative thoughts in. Look yourself in the eyes, and say, “You’re beautiful. You’re fabulous. And you deserve to be happy.” Say it as many times as you want–the more the merrier–but you really have to mean it. Shout it if that’s what it takes to feel it!

You might giggle. The idea of talking to yourself in the mirror might seem silly or strange, but think about it: If you can’t compliment yourself, or laugh at yourself in the process, then how can you expect to build confidence? Sometimes the silliest ideas are the best ones.

Work on giving yourself positive feedback every day. That’s seven days a week, ladies, so take notes! You don’t have to take the statements suggested above as your personal mantra. Find things you love about yourself on the outside and inside, and tell yourself why those things are so special and why they make you so fabulous. The idea is to replace negative thoughts with positive ones and to consistently remind yourself of what feels good.

When you talk to others and especially when you meet new people, avoid making fun of yourself or pointing out your perceived flaws. Instead, exude confidence by showing how much pride you have in the color of your eyes or the way you carry yourself. You don’t necessarily have to use words to do so; simple body language or the way you present yourself can do the talking.

Think about what you would want to say if a drop-dead gorgeous young man started flirting with you. Making negative comments about yourself will make you seem less secure, and you risk him losing interest. But if you can help him see everything about you that is glowing with awesomeness, then you will be one more step closer to you achieving your goals.

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