Meet the Founder, Neda Khosravani

Founder & CEO, HerMANual, LLC
Founder & CEO, HerMANual

Hailing from Winter Park, Fla., Neda Khosravani spent her early years focusing on school, work and family. Raised in a tight-knit, Iranian household, discussing boys and relationships was not commonplace. “You just get married,” Khosrowzadeh said. “I wish I had something like HerMANual growing up because I had few people to talk to about these personal matters.” Having witnessed the strong impact that relationships have on of college students, she realized young women desperately needed a place where they could turn to for unbiased support and guidance. The solution was HerMANual, an online magazine offering positive advice on life, dating and relationships, with an emphasis on individual growth and self-esteem. The site was launched in November 2011, just weeks before Khosrowzadeh was handed her undergraduate diploma from the University of Florida. This inspiring young woman attributes HerMANual’s success to her biggest asset—her age. “I am my target demographic,” she said. “Hormonal young women happen to be my forte.”

With passion, determination and creativity behind HerMANual, Khosrowzadeh sees a bright future ahead for the online magazine. She aims to expand HerMANual’s writing base to more universities across the nation and provide more avenues to obtain advice. HerMANual has reached tens of thousands of women across the world and is quickly growing. “Love is universal,” she said. In little time, Khosrowzadeh successfully embarked on a mission to show that HerMANual is a reliable, credible and helpful resource for young women.

Khosrowzadeh has all the right tools to establish HerMANual as the go-to online magazine for young women. On a constant quest for knowledge, she devotes time to considerable time to expanding her business and branding knowledge. Self-help books are her go-to read, and communicating with public relations and advertising professionals is her hobby. She even spent a semester before law school learning web development and graphic design.

Sophia Lee, former Director of Public Relations for HerMANual, said Khosrowzadeh is an inspiration. “Neda is an individual that I greatly respect because, aside from all her great qualities such as being a great leader and unbelievably organized, she’s influential,” Lee said. “I admire her because she actually cares. She is truly committed to empowering young women and helping them face the pressures present today.” Lee believes Khosrowzadeh’s passion is the key to HerMANual’s current and future success. “She’s the farthest thing from a blank slate-she has purpose for everything and always applies full force.” Lee said. HerManual

Khosrowzadeh believes anything is possible if you believe in yourself. “I think so many people have these incredible ideas and don’t follow through,” she said. “You just have to take that leap of faith and kick your pride out the door.” To be successful in business and relationships, she said it’s important not to fear failure or rejection. “I want women to realize that we are in control of our relationships and our lives. No one should settle for a relationship she is unhappy in because she fears being alone,” she said. “It’s important to have confidence within.”