What to Do if You Feel Like He’s Losing Interest

What to Do if You Feel Like He’s Losing Interest

There has to be reason he hasn’t texted you back, right? He’s busy. His phone died. He forgot.  He’s in class. He’s studying. He’s with his bros. He doesn’t want to seem needy. He doesn’t like texting. He’s just playing the game. He’s preoccupied with family business. He has too much on his mind right … Read more

Playing the “Friend Card”


If you want to know the single, most effective dating strategy ever, well, here it is. Introducing: The Friend Card. Your most productive, underrated, and valuable dating tool, EVER. Allow us to explain how it works. Why is it that our dream guy always seems to fall for the innocent girl next door? Well, it’s … Read more

How to Find the One Who’s Right for You

How to Find the One Who's Right for You

The name of the game was MASH. You and your girlfriends giggled and blushed as you came up with the men of your dreams, how many kids you’d have and where you’d be living. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and predicted a future with a sexy husband, and other times you were left feeling hopeless … Read more