5 Ways to Stand Out From Other Girls

HerMANual How to Stand Out From Other GirlsEvery girl wants to feel pretty, be noticed and stand out in a crowd. Sometimes, you wish you could just be Megan Fox or Taylor Swift, so you could guarantee that guys will be drooling over you all night. While every guy differs in what he looks for in a girl, we went straight to the source to find out, generally, what makes a girl different from all the others. And you’ll be happy to know that it certainly doesn’t require looking like a Fox or being all that Swift.

1. Be yourself and have fun. Guys are attracted to the girl with the biggest smile and the girl who exudes the most positive energy in the room. When you’re out with your friends, make it your goal to enjoy every moment; that’s all you have to do. If you’re genuinely laughing, dancing, and smiling, guys will gravitate toward you . . . naturally. Just think about it: everyone wants to be around fun, happy people. Straight from the source, one guy said: “The girl who is having the most fun is the one I’m going to be attracted to.”

2. Show your intelligence. (Don’t play dumb.) Acting ditzy and air-headed may land you a hook-up for the night, but only because that’s all he’s looking for. Real men are attracted to intelligence in a woman. So every once in a while, reach for a newspaper instead of the tabloids — guys aren’t always interested in discussing who broke up with whom in Hollywood.

3. Approach him. It may sound scary, but if you can gather the confidence to approach a guy first, he’s guaranteed to take special notice — guys report confidence as one of the most attractive features in a woman. You don’t need to say something witty or drop a pick-up line–getting a guy’s attention is as easy as saying “I like your sweater” (seriously, this is a real quote as told by one of our guys!).

4. Respect your morals. By this, we mean don’t let things move too quickly too soon, physically. During an intense hook-up, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. But stopping him before things go too far will actually impress him. By explaining nicely that you just aren’t comfortable doing certain things yet, you force him to see you as more than a hook-up; he will understand that you are not “that kind of girl” and will respect you for actually having morals. The way that you portray yourself through clothing goes hand in hand with this. Dress yourself for how you want to be seen: if you choose a tight top, a short skirt and stilettoes instead of a comfortably fitting flow-y dress, he’s much less likely to consider you girlfriend material. HINT: Incorporating pearls or a delicate lace accent always adds a touch of class to any outfit.

5. Be a good friend. Girls sometimes forget that it’s not only how you act towards him that matters. Men naturally look for kind, caring traits when looking for a girlfriend (because it signals high maternal capabilities). It’s impressive to them if you are consistently a great friend. For example, if you’re talking to a cute guy and your friend comes up to you upset and in need of your attention, don’t blow her off for the guy. Apologize, get his digits, and politely leave to tend to your girlfriend: He’ll be impressed with your selflessness. Equally as important is to be mindful of your behavior to everyone around you; guys scope out a room just as much as we do. So for example, don’t be rude and pushy in a crowded area. Instead, use your manners to show that you are polite and classy.

So there you have it! You don’t have to wear red lipstick, a little black dress or make sure your hair looks absolutely perfect in order to stand out from other girls. If you didn’t notice, none of the guys interviewed answered with a physical characteristic. It’s not about looking pretty or molding yourself into what you think . Getting noticed is all about flaunting what you already have: just show your fun side, your smarts, your confidence, your morals and your compassion and class.

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